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Profile: Fadia Williamson, Office Manager and Paralegal

Fadia Williamson Fadia F. Williamson is a critical part of our law office, both as Office Manager and as Paralegal.  Mrs. Williamson worked for the U.S. Department of Defense in Tehran before the Iranian revolution, and thereafter for many years in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia office of a large, multinational law firm.  She was among the leaders of the large American expatriate community in Riyadh. She has worked for Whittington Law Associates since December 2003.  She speaks Arabic and some French.

When not traveling around the world, Fadia lives in Barnard, Vermont with her husband, a retired attorney and government official.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Williamson for any administrative needs.

Email: fadia@whittington-law.com



35 South Main Street   •   Hanover, NH 03755   •   (603) 643-2755   •   Also in Woodstock, VT

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